A New Apartment for Me and My Pup

When my sister asked me if I wanted a puppy, I didn’t hesitate to take the one her daughter was allergic to. I had already fallen in love with Bellsy, who is a lab mix. I knew that I would need to find a new home, but I was considering moving anyway because my job was so far from the house I had been living in. My sister suggested that I look into the apartments at Park at Boulder Creek, so I went online to see what kind of information I could find on it.

I had seen the apartments before, but I didn’t know very much about them since I had never been on the property before. After going to the website, I saw that I wouldn’t even need to go there to see anything in person because the website had a lot of pictures on it. I was able to see the buildings that the apartments are in as well as the grounds. There is a playground for when my sister brings her kids over as well as a nice oval shaped pool that I knew we would all enjoy.

The best part though is that they do allow dogs. I knew that the puppy was potty trained already, so I wasn’t worried about any damages. I also was not worried about where I would walk her because there are so many places right around the complex that are perfect for that. All I had to do was pay a one time fee which was not that expensive, because she was included on the list of breeds that are allowed there, which is a very generous list! I never thought that my life would change this much, and it is all for the better. Not only do I have a new companion, but I have a great new apartment now too.

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