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Apple vs. Samsung vs. Apple

I am finding perverse delight in the brewing storm between Apple and Samsung.

Apple slide to lock Apple vs. Samsung vs. AppleIt started with the mega-huge judgement against Samsung for what I consider to be ridiculousness on the part of Apple (and most people I’ve talked to agree).

Let’s patent a curve, shall we? I’ve seen not much support for Apple and mostly ridicule. Slide to

Fast and Easy Unlock+Root+Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus

android jelly bean statue 300x235 Fast and Easy Unlock+Root+Jelly Bean for Galaxy NexusI’ve been avoiding the temptation to throw Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus ahead of the long-anticipated OTA from Verizon. My patience wore thin this weekend and I made the move.

On past phones – specifically the HTC Incredible, rooting and putting a mod on like CyanogenMOD was expected and pretty much necessary in order to get the maximum …

Flipboard – The Best Way To Take It All In

flipboard1 Flipboard   The Best Way To Take It All InIt’s my new favourite app – Flipboard, and if you haven’t given it a try then 5 minutes is all it will take for you to embrace a better way of “catching up” – and that means news feeds, social streams, and more!

Flipboard is for your Apple products or Android devices, and it presents what I think is …

Is Facebook building a smartphone? Does anyone care?

Facebook apps Is Facebook building a smartphone? Does anyone care?

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Although Facebook’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) was called by financial experts a failure, Mark Zuckerberg’s monster company still has its sights set very high. With stocks falling and more than $17 billion lost off an initial $104 billion valuation, the social networking service might be looking to expand way off its comfort zone and

Google Schemer – the latest app to waste my time checking boxes

schemer Google Schemer   the latest app to waste my time checking boxes

When foursquare was popular I just couldn’t get enough of it. My OCD kicked in and I had to check-in everywhere I went. I was obsessed with being the mayor of my house, my office, the highway I took to get to work, every restaurant I went to, and pretty much anything I could check into.

But the fad faded.…

Nielsen and Generation “C”

nielsen01 Nielsen and Generation C

Earlier this year I shared information on the Nielsen Social Media Report. Well the news has gotten even more interesting and a new generation has been coined – Generation C, the Connected Generation.

LA Times: At the start of the decade, Nielsen talked about “Generation C,” or the connected generation. It was a group of teens and 20-somethings

This game is DRAWESOME!

drawsomething This game is DRAWESOME!

No joke folks – I think I’ve found the hottest Android game yet – and there are no frills, no whistles, and only a few bells.

But it’s got every single one of my facebook friends going nuts over it (and seriously spending a lot of time on it). I’m talking about Draw Something.

If you haven’t …

My Date with Evi

evi My Date with Evi

Evi invites us to “Ask me anything!” – but what she doesn’t promise is that she’ll have an answer that has any value whatsover.

Billed as “revolutionary artificial intelligence,” Evi is more like a verbal web search than anything else, and at that point it loses value for me. Why not just use Google Voice Actions instead of a third …

Android = Sex – Why you should ditch your iPhone

androidsex Android = Sex   Why you should ditch your iPhone

You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

If you’re hoping to get some naughty action as soon as possible, you should start pursuing Android users. Because according to a recent survey, they’re more likely to have sex on the first date than those who use iPhone or BlackBerry devices.

Digital Life is reporting that it is indeed true – what …

Galaxy Nexus – 2.0

198294 nexus galaxy 300x193 Galaxy Nexus   2.0

Say it ain’t so!

Could Google be working on a slightly updated version of the Galaxy Nexus? It wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer refreshed a device just months after the initial release. A recent benchmark score spotted on the Nenamark site shows a Galaxy Nexus featuring a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor. is reporting that it might actually …