21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012

21androidapps 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012

Whether you just got yourself a new shiny Android device, or you’re a seasoned veteran, developers are cranking out Android apps faster a porn star’s panties drop. Some of these apps are newer, and some aren’t so new, either way they are all awesome enough to make the list!

So sit back in your favorite easy chair, grab a cocktail and check out the list, because I’m sure there’s at least a couple apps in here you haven’t scoped out yet.


Cozi Family Organizer

cozyfamilyorganizer 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Packed with awesome features like the shared family calendar, you can add appointments which will give your whole family access to. With the calender you can even set reminders that will be sent via text or email, so no one has an excuse to miss important events. The app also features shopping lists, to do lists, and a family journal, all of which can be shared.

From the Market description:

- Your Cozi calendar, shopping lists, to do lists and family journal are accessible from your mobile device as well as from any computer by visiting cozi.com.
- No matter where or how you and your family access Cozi, you’ll always be looking at the same information.
- The whole family shares one account that everyone can access using their own email address (as specified in Settings) and the shared family password.
- Cozi Family Organizer is available for all kinds of phones and tablets. Just search for “Cozi” in your favorite mobile app store.

See why everyone from Family Circle to Real Simple to Parenting to Working Mother Magazine is raving about Cozi.
Voted #1 Productivity Android App for Moms –Babble 2011
“An online calendar we love.” –Parents Magazine
“Cozi is, in short, ridiculously handy.” –PC World
“Cozi just works.” –The Wall Street Journal
“Incredibly helpful.” –Better Homes and Gardens


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Reddit Is Fun


reddit 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


If you love Reddit as much as I do, be sure to grab Reddit is Fun. While I have not tried any other Reddit apps, I don’t have much to compare this one to but it works great and I use it almost daily.

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BatteryXL – Battery Saver Beta

batteryxl1 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


With it’s polished beautiful interface, BatteryXL is a must have for saving that battery life on your device as 4G, GPS, bluetooth, apps and more all suck your battery juice. BatteryXL will regulate heavy battery-draining devices with its three question optimization which is launched upon the first time you fire it up.


- Free to download!
- WiFi, Mobile Data, GPS, Bluetooth, Autosync automatic and manual controls
- Time-scheduled automation for Autosync and connection devices.
- Four additional modes to automate connectivity: Night, Peak, Charging, and Low Battery
- Whitelist for controlling connectivity on app-by-app basis
- Interactive Quickview of settings interface
- Estimated remaining Idle, Calling, WiFi, Data, Music, Video, and Gaming times
- Notification Bar icon with remaining battery percentage
- Volume, Brightness, Screen Timeout controls
- Backup and Restore settings functionality
- Full Log of all BatteryXL activity


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Plan B

planb 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012

So whether you leave your phone stumbling into 7-11 intoxicated at 1:30am for super nachos, or simply misplaced it somehow, Plan B is cool for the fact that you can remotely install the app after losing your device and then track it down. Having Lookout on your phone is the best way to protect your phone and find it fast, but use Plan B if you have already lost your phone and didn’t have Lookout installed.

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camera360 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


If you take a lot of pictures with your phone, be sure to check out Camera360. I’ve personally used this one a few times, and was very happy with the cool effects. A keeper for my phone, as I have children and take quite a few pics of them.

* Effect like LOMO, Retro Effect, Dreamlike Effect, Art of Black and White, Back to 1839 and Night Enhancement will make your photo more beautiful.
* The amazing HDR effect is even better than iPhone HDR.
* Unique Funny Mode: Effects like Surrealistic B&W Paining, Vertical/Horizontal Left Symmetry, Vertical/ Horizontal Right Symmetry, Ghost are available.
* Unique Scenery Mode: It takes the interesting composite photos, you can choose whether be in a movie poster, an art painting, a outdoor advertisement, or among the various types of greeting cards.
* Unique Tilt-shift and Color-shift Mode allows you to see the world from another angle.
* Share your photo to Sina Microblog, Facebook or Twitter


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BuddyTV Guide

buddytv 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Couch potatoes will appreciate buddyTV. Find exactly what you’re looking for in 20 seconds or less. Break it down by setting it to only your favorite channels or base it on the kinda mood you’re in, and this app gives you access to broadcast TV, cable, sattelite, and even Netflix.


Features included:
✔ Prioritizes favorite channels to the top
✔ Recommends Amazon Instant and Netflix programs (if applicable)
✔ Tap on the guide to tune-in* on your TV
✔ Recommends shows based on your taste
✔ Suggests shows that can get buried in the grid
✔ Perfect companion for TiVo and Google TV 1.0 and 2.0


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Are You Watching This?!

areyouwatchingthis 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012

WE WATCH SPORTS is for all you sports nuts out there who need access to all sports scores, wherever you might be. The app will give you every game on every channel, and  allows you to set alerts for when to tune in to your favorite game. The app includes scores, news, and TV listings for the following:  Arena Football, Auto Racing (NASCAR, F1, IRL), Men’s College Basketball, Women’s College Basketball, College Football, MLB, NBA, NFL, CFL, NHL, Soccer (MLS and World Cup), and the WNBA.


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ES File Explorer

esfileexplorer 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


ASTRO File Manager may be one of the most popular managers for Android, although they say ES File Explorer is just as good and maybe prettier.

ES File Explorer for Android is a free, featured all-in-one file manager & application manager & task killer & dropbox client & ftp client which explores your phone and your computer. It allows android users anywhere in the world to manage their resources for free, it makes easy to manage, stay connected using your 3G, EDGE or WiFi, and share with friends, upload photos, watch videos.



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Tether by ClockworkMod

tetherclockwork 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Tether. Internet Anywhere. Without Root.

ClockworkMod Tether is a USB tether solution for Mac, Windows, and Linux that allows you to use your phone’s data connection to get internet access on your desktop or laptop.

Need a direct link to the Tether Android installation (APK) file?

Looking for the Premium version of ClockworkMod Tether? It is a $4.99 in app purchase, no additional download necessary!


ClockworkMod Tether does not require root on your phone and does not require a separate tethering plan. Tether should work with any carrier and phone and does not require a carrier’s tethering plan. To get around the root requirement on your phone, Tether will need to install a virtual network adapter on your computer; so there is a PC side install.

1) Install this application on your Android phone!

2) Install the Tether software on your PC. If your PC currently has an internet connection, you can download it here:
Mac: http://download.clockworkmod.com/tether/tether-mac.zip
Linux: http://download.clockworkmod.com/tether/tether-linux.tgz
Windows: http://download.clockworkmod.com/tether/TetherWindowsSetup.msi

If your PC does NOT have an internet connection at the moment, start Tether for Android and use the Help button to easily download the PC software to your phone. You can then copy it to your PC and install!

Windows users will also need to install the USB/ADB driver for their phone. Tether’s setup process will assist you through that step by step, or you can use the link below!

That’s it! Connect your phone via USB to your PC, start Tether, and turn it on! Happy surfing!


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runkeeper 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012

Track, measure, and improve your fitness.

RunKeeper uses GPS to track your fitness activities, including distance, time, pace, calories, heart rate, and path traveled on a map.

RunKeeper also provides audio cues, customized interval workouts, manual entry for treadmill and other cardio equipment, integrated RunKeeper FitnessClasses and no advertising.


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Lose It!

loseit 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


News years resolution to shed some pounds? Lose it!  is for you!

Set goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them. Stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise and staying within your budget. The average active Lose It! user has lost more than 12lbs and more than 85% of our active users have lost weight. Lose It! is completely free- get started losing weight with Lose It! today!

You’ve seen Lose It! on the Today Show, in the NY Times, or heard it mentioned on Howard Stern. Isn’t it time to join the millions of others who have downloaded Lose It! and give it a try yourself?

Lose It! is simple and fun to use, but includes great features:
- Simple, attractive, streamlined interface
- Comprehensive database of foods and activities
- Quickly add new foods or exercises to the database
- Setup recipes for more complicated foods
- Quickly add to your log with previous meals, my foods, and other shortcuts
- Track nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and more
- Works with or without a network connection
- No advertisements

In addition, set up a free Loseit.com account to gain access to features and capabilities that no other weight loss application has:

- Log your food and exercise on Loseit.com
- Automatically keep a back-up of your data
- Add friends for extra support and motivation
- Earn badges to recognize your success
- Share custom foods, exercises, and recipes with friends
- See more detailed online reports
- Export your data to excel
- Setup daily or weekly email reports
- Share your progress on Facebook or Twitter
- Keep your data private or share with friends- you are in control
- Connect your Withings scale to automatically log your weight in Lose It!
- Connect your Fitbit tracker to automatically update activity in Lose It!


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A to Z for Kids

atozforkids 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


“Toddle into the world of Alphabets”.

Explore your Kids’ knowledge with “A to Z for Kids”, an Android app which is fun filled, entertaining & interactive application for kids motivating them to learn the basics of alphabets from A to Z. It includes the unique feature of “Drag to match balloon with similar letters” making it a fun way for kids to learn the names of animals, birds, fruits and flowers.


- Recognize animals, birds, fruits and flowers.

- Spell and pronounce particular animal, bird, fruit or flower.

- Plays sounds of animals or birds smoothly.

- Pronounce the name of the animals,birds,fruits or flowers

- A baby walker to English Phonetics

- Choose letters from the list.

- Navigate back and forth on a swipe / tap with page animation.

- Play with interactive balloon game that has fun filled sounds.

-Match the balloon with similar letters.

mi A to Z will be grateful to get your feedback and also look forward for your suggestions and comments.


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Cocktail Flow

cocktailflow 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012

Looks like Mixology has some competition.  Browse, find and discover cocktails in a way you never experienced before!

The application features beautifully presented drink recipes with step by step guides and is packed with features you’ll love whether you’re a novice bartender or a professional mixologist. Cocktail recipes are continuously being added both as expanding existing cocktail packages and introducing new ones.

Mark the cocktail ingredients you have at home in the cabinet page and see what drinks you can make from them. The cabinet contains a large number of spirits, liquors and mixers. More ingredients are added when new packages are installed.

Get ideas on what ingredients to buy to prepare new drink recipes. The shopping assistant includes a cost estimate calculator which is a great way to plan the drinks for your next party. Set the currency in the Settings menu to have prices appear in your local currency.

Browse cocktail recipes by categories, packages or using the advanced search function. Drink recipes are categorized by base drink (gin, rum, tequila, vodka, brandy, champagne), type (classical, long drink, tropical, creamy, shooter, non-alcoholic), event (New Years, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day) and color (red, blue, green, pink, yellow).

If you’re new to bartending you’ll find the bartender guides section useful to learn more about mixology. The guides go through cocktail making basics from using bar tools, types of glassware all the way to garnishing tricks like creating a salt rim or a lemon spiral.

Mark drink recipes you like as favorites to find them easily next time. All cocktails also have a list of drinks that are of similar taste or style listed so you can explore other drinks you might like.

The application comes with lots of cocktail recipes at install and even more cocktails can be downloaded from packages which can be free or premium. The current packages include Alcohol Free (non-alcoholic cocktails), Shooters (a variation of shots), Basic Cocktails (a collection of well known cocktails), Christmas cocktails (wintery and holiday drinks), New Years cocktails (champagne and bubbly cocktails), Valentine’s Day (red, creamy and sweet drinks) and St Partrick’s Day (Irish themed and green cocktails).

We are constantly expanding the existing packages as well as adding new ones. If there are any suggestions you have, please send them to androiddev@distinction.hu

Now that you’ve created a Chocolate Martini, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Zombie, White Russian, B52, Amaretto Sour, Eggnog Martini, Fourth of July, Sex on the Beach, Jager Bomb, Manhattan, Lemon Drop, Mai Tai, Orgasm, Sea Breeze, Long Island Ice Tea, Cosmopolitan, Gin and Tonic, Tequila Sunrise or any other cocktail – sip and enjoy. And always remember to drink responsibly.


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glympse 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Safely share your location in real-time via email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter.

“Glympse: The Coolest Thing Your Smartphone Can Do”

Glympse is the easy way to safely share your location in realtime. No sign-up needed. No social network to manage. Just send a Glympse to anyone via email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. Your location is only shared for the duration you specify and then stops.

Glympse works on all phones and tablets running Android 1.5 or newer.


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Clip Ninja

clipninja 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Clip Ninja comes in handy for those times you’ve lost something you wrote the other day and forgot to save. If you are paranoid about an app recording every word then this app isn’t for you. But if you want the super clipboard manager this ones for you.



  • Saves everything you type, in any native application, not just what you copy in the clipboard.
  • It’s also a great Clipboard Manager. Does what others do, just better.
  • Plays back your typing history with the swipe of a finger. Think of it as a basic undo/redo feature. Messed up anything ? Just go back, copy an old version, and paste it back.
  • Save your favourites with a touch Just tap the star icon.
  • You can filter your history to show everything, just favourites, just clipboard history or just the text you type in a given application.
  • You don’t need to leave the app you’re using. Tap the notification icon and have it pop up above your current window.
  • Edit your snippets or create new ones from scratch !
  • Send your snippets by mail, twitter and share them with any application.
  • Long click any text in the detail view to select, share or copy just a part of it [only Android 2.3+]


  • Setup a lock pattern (the Android’s way !) to protect your data from prying eyes.
  • Black list any app you don’t want to appear in your clips.
  • We don’t send any data over the Internet. This application is not Internet enabled at all.
  • Due to the limitation of Android, Clip Ninja cannot save or retrieve passwords, don’t ask for that: it just cannot be done.
  • Requires NO PERMISSIONS at all.


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ganalyticz 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


If you run a website, use Google Analytics, and have an Android device, I’d highly recommend this app. It’s been awhile since I’ve used other Analytics apps, and in the end this is the one I’ve stuck with for quite some time now and use it regularly.

[Market Link]


tivo 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


TiVo® DVR and non-TiVo DVR customers can get the TiVo experience in the palm of their hands with the FREE TiVo app – including Suddenlink and RCN Premiere DVRs. Turn your Android phone or 7inch tablet into command central for your TiVo DVR. Now you can search, browse, discover and share without ever interrupting the show you’re watching. Quickly surface new content, view guides, schedule and manage recordings, get recommendations, or dig deeper into a particular actor’s entire resume—all using intuitive, gesture-based interaction.

Features (some features are only available to TiVo® Premiere DVR customers):
> Browse the channel guide without interrupting the show you’re watching
- View shows up to 14 days in advance

> Schedule TV show/movie recordings and ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings

> Browse your recorded shows list and play a show from the App

> Find exactly what you want to watch
- Search across TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video & Blockbuster —and see integrated results on Demand to find what you are looking for

> Explore cast and crew while watching a show

> Comment about what you’re watching on Facebook or Twitter

> Use a TiVo remote control replica or our intuitive, gesture-based remote control

> Manage your ongoing (Season Pass®) recordings and your To-Do List
- Delete and reprioritize recordings for your favorite shows

> Instantly schedule, search and browse for shows while you’re away from home

Having troubles finding or connecting to your TiVo DVR? Try one or more of these steps:

* Restart your network router by by unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in

* Restart your TiVo DVR by following the instructions in the TiVo menus under Settings & Messages > Help > Restart or Reset System > Restart the TiVo Box


[Market Link] 




luma1 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Luma is well worth upgrading to the full version for around $1.00. This beautiful live wallpaper looks great on any Android device. There’s also a free one you can try for a test run.

[Market Link]



pano 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Pano is for the serious photographer who would like to take panoramic shots on their Android device. Pano has been around for some time now, but with the release of Android 4.0′s panoramic feature we figured this one would be worth mentioning.

[Market Link]


Circuitry Live Wallpaper

circuitwallpaper 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012


Awesome! Watch these little circuits finding their unique way across your screen. Comes with 6 different color themes. Check out the video to see for yourself.



[Market Link]


Nose Dose

nosedose 21 Awesome Android Apps For 2012

And for the last app on the list, this is definitely the most awesome WTF app for 2012. What is Nose Dose? Nose Dose is the perfect app to pretend your snorting blow with when you’re at fun places with your friends. This app will set you back about $2, much cheaper than a real bag of coke.

Market description:

Weed Time – Drug Apps – Cocaine Simulator

Special launch price this week only!

Nose Dose: Snort Cocaine Simulator, finally for android the snort coke app that you were looking for.
Show iPhone users an app that they can´t get.

NOTE: “SMOKE A BONG” has just been released, now you can smoke weed with your android phone! ( http://goo.gl/Mmehd )

This app is perfect for sharing some laughs together with your friends at the bar or the club.

Test your ability to make the perfect line and simulate snort a line by detecting your nose touching the screen.

Razor, bill and unlimited coke lines included!!
Fx sound for snorting and line making
Eye-catcher Nose candy images
High precision particles system, it feels like real coke!
Coming soon Game Mode!

Weet Time is coding some “stoned” apps about weed, marihuana bongs and other drugs comming soon, check out out facebook page and follow us to keep informed for dope apps!
Facebook : http://goo.gl/2rWnn

Contact us if you have any problem purchasing or downloading the app, if you dont like and the refund time has expired, ask for it and we will refund your money back.

Caution: This is a simulator and it looks and feels like
real cocaine, look out with the Police xD

Remember, this is for enternaiment purposes, do not mess with real drugs.

[Market Link]


That’s a Wrap

That concludes this showcase of 21 awesome Android apps for 2012. Do you have an awesome new app that should be on our list? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below, we’d love to hear about it.

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  • Lord_minittot

    The last app “nose dose” is really fun, and even more the other mentioned “smoke a bong”, its a real “wtf”