Google Schemer – the latest app to waste my time checking boxes

schemer Google Schemer   the latest app to waste my time checking boxes

When foursquare was popular I just couldn’t get enough of it. My OCD kicked in and I had to check-in everywhere I went. I was obsessed with being the mayor of my house, my office, the highway I took to get to work, every restaurant I went to, and pretty much anything I could check into.

But the fad faded.

Path was in there, as was Yelp, and Urbanspoon, and about 5 or 6 other things that demanded I check boxes and express interests and give ratings. (I’m giving getglue a pass only because I’m currently addicted to getting a bunch of stickers sent to me.)

And yesterday I get introduced to Schemer. Oh let’s come up with something else for people to spend hours on checking boxes and expressing interest and giving ratings to. Need something to do this weekend? See what your friends and neighbours are doing and let us know if you want to do those same things or if you’ve already done them.

You can tell us about all the books you’ve read, the movies you’ve watched, the food you’ve cooked, etc., etc., or you can just let us know that all those things that your friends and neighbours are doing are things that you are also intent on doing once you get around to it. Isn’t it nice to know that other people want to do the exact same things that you want to do or have already done?

*stock image of Google Schemer via PLAY

I really don’t get the point of most of these apps – way back when I was at Intel doing social media I brought up the concept of temporary communities. It’s a really interesting (and good) concept but I think these apps are taking it too far. Letting everyone know that you’ve read all the Harry Potter books is NOT creating a temporary community. It’s not creating a community at all.

No one cares that you’ve read all the books because everyone has read them. You’re not going to suddenly start hanging out with someone or chatting with them just because they’ve read all of them. A temporary community comes together for a common purpose that means something, and then it fulfills that purpose and then goes away. There’s no group purpose in reading this book or that book, or making homemade sushi just to say you’ve done it.

And so…after 24 hours the app has become useless to me and I won’t speak of it again. I have to go back to checking in to TV shows and Movies that I’m watching to make sure I can be listed as a GURU and get the DIEHARD fan sticker. Because stickers sent to you in the mail really matters.

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