How Do You Quit Snoring?

This is a big deal, since I have this really awesome girlfriend and this is going to prevent us from living together or at least happily. Like most people she really likes to get a good night’s sleep. I do as well, but of course like most people my own snoring has no real effect on my sleep. I have been doing some research, looking for some effective antisnoring appliance or technology. It is something that you can find a lot of information on, but much of it seems to contradict the other things you read. Of course if you go to the web sites of medical sites like the Mayo Clinic you can learn that snoring occurs when your breathing is partially obstructed and obviously the way you stop snoring is to find a way to fix this obstruction. It is rather like a plumbing job if you want to think about it in a simple analogy.

That is not so easy to figure out though. A clogged pipe in your sink is a lot different from the air passages of a human being. It is pretty easy to run a snake through a drain, but you can not do that in this case. It is a really complicated problem. The easy solution was the breath right strips that you put on your nose. I have tried those, but she says that they do not work. I still store, but apparently it is even more annoying. It seems to change the tuning of the instrument, so that instead of a deep rumbling snore it has some sort of high pitched sound on the end of it. I do not know what that means, but she woke me up and made me go into the den and sleep on the couch.

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