I Love Surprising My Wife with Flowers Now

I think just about any guy in a relationship has been in the situation that requires flowers to get on their partner’s good side again. I can’t blame my wife at all either, because I am the one who royally messed up. She had planned a really romantic dinner for us, and I ended up going to a sports bar to watch a game with friends. I knew that she was planning on a nice night but time just slipped away from me. Even before I went home, I had found a local Melbourne florist who would be able to help get me out of the dog house.

I was able to find the florist using my phone, and I could even look at the different flower arrangements on their site. They were still open so I went there to look at them in person. Walking into the shop, I was surprised at just how nice it smelled. I never bought flowers like this before, and that made me realize that I really was not appreciating my wife the way that she should be. I vowed right then and there, in the florist shop, that I was going to be a much better husband.

When I walked in the door with a dozen red roses and what she told me later was the saddest expression she had ever seen, she instantly forgave me. She actually forgave me a lot faster than what I did! We had a turning point in our marriage that night though. I no longer take her for granted. I still use that same Melbourne florist, and I make sure my wife gets flowers not only on special occasions, but on random days too. I love seeing her smile when she is unexpectedly surprised with one of the floral deliveries!

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