Keeping the Windows Closed and the AC on to Drown out the Noise of Cicadas

It is the year of the cicadas. The noise is just awful. I cannot stand to hear that background drone they make in the trees. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. We keep the windows closed and the AC on. Normally, I like to open the windows in the morning and enjoy the fresh air until it gets hot enough for the AC. This season of bugs has me keeping them closed. I had to call a company that does AC installation in NYC to come out and fix the blower motor. I guess the old motor could not take the round the clock operation. It started squeaking and shaking and grinding.

They told me to shut it off until they got there. They said it sounded like a bearing was going in the fan assembly, and that I could burn up the motor if I left it on. It started to get hot as soon as I shut the AC off. Without that steady stream of cool air or the windows open and the ceiling fans on, it gets hot pretty fast on our old brick house. The dog just wanted to stay outside in the back yard rather than coming in the house where it was hotter. I stayed inside and cleaned for a bit since the AC tech was coming by. You can’t have anyone stop by without vacuuming and dusting first.

They had asked me to give them the name and model of our furnace since that was the blower for the AC system. The tech showed up with a new fan housing. He swapped our motor into it, and he had the work done in about a half hour. It did not take him much time at all. I was glad to have the squeak and grinding gone. It was louder than the cicadas!

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