Looking for a New Location

I am working on a project for a couple of friends of mine. They need to find a location where the conditions are right, and they have to figure out if Pennsylvania electricity rates are low enough for the project to make sense. That is going to be a big cost factor in this operation, since they are going to be using dozens and dozens of rectifiers to convert Alternating Current to Direct Current and use in various electrolytic processes. It is not something that I have much experience in when you look at the specifics of it, but of course it is not anything that you can not figure out pretty easily. All of the information is openly available and you have to simply find out what it is. The location is of importance for a number of reasons and I have to find a place which is going to work for them. However the electric rates are a really critical factor that is going to go on and on for the rest of time.

It seems to us that is probable that a new structure is going to be needed, in particular they are going to need a place which is going to be easy to expand. It is not so easy to figure out what it is going to take in the initial phase of the operation. That is the hard part, because there is the simple fact that the resources that are available are limited. It is going to take a cool calculation to find the right balance to the operation. We are looking at both sides of the equation, so if we can find a place which is going to work we shall go ahead and take it. However it is going to be likely that you will need to modify it.

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