5 more free Android games that don’t suck [June 2011]

android games 5 more free Android games that dont suck [June 2011]

Get your game on with 5 more Android games that don’t suck. With so many games coming to the Android market, it really is hard to find the best
among thousands to choose from. These are games I hand picked when I personally enjoyed on my Android phone. Enjoy!



3D Bio Ball

3DBioBall thumb 5 more free Android games that dont suck [June 2011]

I was instantly taken away by the superb graphics in this game! With this free game you get 109 action puzzle like platforms while collecting coins and bolts, and even has a little bit of RPG element mixed in. You must also defeat bosses and save the world! VERY challenging and will keep you hooked right away, you’ve been warned.

[Download 3D Bio Ball]



iFishing Lite

i fishing 1 5 more free Android games that dont suck [June 2011]


I love fishing games, and iFishing which has been available for sometime now is now available on Android. You get to cruise around on your boat on 1 lake in this trial version(paid version gives you 15 lakes) and go fish! I have found this to be the best fishing game yet available on Android. Get your bait and check out iFishing if you’re a fishing fanatic.

[Download iFishing Lite]

Army Sniper

armysniper1 e1309199512820 5 more free Android games that dont suck [June 2011]

Turn you android phone into a battle field and snipe all your enemies. You are an elite army sniper and an unsung hero in the war against new terrorism.
Combining the fast pace of action games with the satisfaction of a precision sniper shot, Army Sniper offers exciting gameplay like never before.

Army Sniper Android Game How to Play:

1. Touch to enter into Aim mode
2. Tilt your phone to move sight
3. Click the Fire button at bottom left to fire
4. Touch the black area to exit snipe mode

Army Sniper Android Game Game Features:

1. Gripping cinematic storyline
2. Tap & Tilt controls
3. Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and music
4. Story Mode & Endless Mode
5. Three different difficulties: easy, normal, hard

[Download Army Sniper]

Devil Ninja

devil ninja android 3 5 more free Android games that dont suck [June 2011]

Grab your ninja costume and kill anything that gets in your way in the fast paced fighting game Devil Ninja. You’ll be doing crazy ninja jumps over cliffs and killing creatures, such as werewolves. This game totally reminds me of an old Nintendo game, and a keeper for anyone who loves side strolling action.

[Download Devil Ninja]

Stupid Zombies

stupid zombies e1309199773684 5 more free Android games that dont suck [June 2011]

Yet another zombie slaying game to add to the list. In Stupid Zombies you must defeat the flesh eating bastards, in an Angry Birds style sorta way. I found this to be highly addictive, and a great addition to anyone’s Android who enjoys these type of games. This is one more game that doesn’t suck to add to the list.

[Download Stupid Zombies]


Do you have a free game you want absolutely love and want to share with us? Do you think any of these games I posted actually SUCK? Please do in the comments below!

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