Multiple Minds in App Development

Although I have some computer skills, mine are pretty limited. I tried to create an app using some tutorials that I found online, but every attempt produced an app that would simply crash after a couple of minutes in use. I became frustrated and eventually gave up, suspending production of the app indefinitely. Then I learned about Massive Infinity in Singapore, which made it possible to have the app made. They have skilled workers who were able to solve the crashing problem in the app and get it working perfectly. Now the app is enjoying a pretty successful life on the market.

The app is something that people have thought about for a long time, but never really bothered to implement. Sometimes when I go into my backyard, or when I go hiking, I see a plant or mushroom that I can’t identify. If I have a guide book handy, I’ll look up the item and see if I can figure out which one is the closest match, but this isn’t always effective, and sometimes I’ve even misidentified things. The app takes care of that, because it has a huge database that it can draw from to identify any kind of plant or mushroom.

The app went through a lot of testing to get it working perfectly. We started by using veg tables and mushrooms that can be purchased at the supermarket. Those were easy for the app to identify. Then we moved onto more wild items, and that’s where the trouble came. Outdoor conditions sometimes made it hard for the app to identify anything, so the developers tweaked how the camera sees each item. As the app went through many changes it became better. I used the app in the woods and found a mushroom. The app said that the mushroom was edible, so I ate it, and didn’t become sick from it.

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