WTF is a Gooapple? iPhone 4 clone runs Android [video]

Gooapple thumb WTF is a Gooapple? iPhone 4 clone runs Android [video]


Is that the iPhone 4? At first glance, one would think this ripoff is a genuine Apple product. I have seen iPhone ripoffs in the past, but never as convincing as the Gooapple 3g. As you can see in the video below, even cases and screen protectors fit the device perfectly. The operating system? Apparently it’s running Android, but has been modified to look and behave exactly like the iOS. No word yet on specs for the Gooapple 3g, but as you can see in the video below it seems to operate quite nicely!

While apple claims Samsung is stealing their thunder, maybe they need to shift their focus on the Gooapple as they couldn’t have possibly ripped off the iPhone any more than this. Having a hard time deciding between iOS and Android for your next phone? Maybe the Gooapple is for you. Thoughts or comments on the device? Make sure and share with us at 411Droid, and be sure to watch this video.


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