Featured Android App: Super Backup Backs Up Everything For Free

superbackup Featured Android App: Super Backup Backs Up Everything For Free


When flashing a new ROM to your Android device, especially when you’re doing this often, it’s always nice to have a backup of your data. Restoring your favorite apps, text messages, and other data generally require separate apps. While this is still fairly easy, why not simplify the process even more with an app that’ll do it all in one?

Today I came across Super Backup which has had great feedback from users over at XDA. Super Backup comes from XDA Forum Member Mobile Idea Studio, and looks to be a worthy component. Super Backup does require root access, and includes the following features:

  • Backup your apps and their data.
  • Backup contacts, SMS and call logs.
  • Backup your bookmarks and calendars.
  • Manage your backup data.
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Automatically upload scheduled backups to your Gmail account.
  • Define a custom backup location

I’ve personally used Titanium Backup for a long time, and have no complaints. While Titanium is great, Super Backup is very appealing with the ability to back up pretty much everything, and best of all it’s free. It will run on any Android device running at least 2.0, and you can find the APK in the application thread. If you’d like to head to the Google Play Store, hit the link here where it is also available.

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