New file manager added to CyanogenMod, team calls it “Perfect Fit”

Screen Shot 2012 11 01 at 11.26.04 AM New file manager added to CyanogenMod, team calls it “Perfect Fit”


With a brief Google+ post early this morning, the CyanogenMod team announces the addition of the CM File Manager. The new addition file manager will maintain the Holo UI, and leverage root capabilities making it a “perfect fit” for the CyanogenMod platform. They hope to have it integrated into the next round of nightlies and we welcome this with open arms. As always, the CyanogenMod team, taking Android and making it better.

The guiding philosophy behind CyanogenMod 10 is that any feature we add in should be seamless in it’s implementation, intuitive in its usage and functional to a large group of users.

With that in mind, we have just merged in the CM File Manager, coded by Jorge Ruesga!

Maintaining the Holo UI, and leveraging root capabilities were the guiding principals behind this project, making it a perfect fit for CM. The app was forked into our project this evening, and should be incorporated in the next round of nightlies.

Source: DroidDog | via Google+ CyanogenMod


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