Nike announces the Fuelband for fitness, headed for Android next month

nike fuelband 650x464 Nike announces the Fuelband for fitness, headed for Android next month


Today Nike has introduced the latest technology for exercising, a new product known as the Nike+ Fuelband. This wrist band is reminiscent of the LiveStrong wristbands which were hugely popular for an extended period of time, but by far more advanced.

This new product is very similiar to the Fitbit Tracker, which is a wireless-enabled wearable device that measures data such as the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics. The Nike+ FuelBand will work similar but also introduces a new way to measure your daily activity with NikeFuel. Your Fuel score, which is calculated by whatever exercise it may be(running, walking, jumping jacks whatever it might be) is said to motivate you to push yourself harder throughout the day.

Also displayed on the band through an LED light panel is how many calories you have burned, and steps taken as well. Looks like Motorola’s MotoActv is getting a run for it’s money!

The Nike+ FuelBand is expected to launch next month, February 22nd to be exact, and is said to have an Android app coming along with it which will sync with the band giving you your Fuel score and progress. It has been confirmed the iOS app will be launching February 22nd as well. The new device comes with a $149 price tag.

Be sure to watch the videos below and let us know what you think in the comments.


Introduction to the FuelBand:


Introduction to NikeFuel:


[via Droid-Life by Nike]

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