Titanium Backup update adds support for Google Drive

Screenshot 2012 05 04 23 43 04 Titanium Backup update adds support for Google Drive


Most folks who root their Android device are familiar with Titanium Backup. It’s definitely one of the best, if not the best app to backup all your apps before wiping and starting fresh. I’ve personally used it quite a bit to backup and freeze unwanted apps after rooting a device.

Recently Titanium Backup has added support Google Drive, even though it didn’t come with an official Android API. In order to use Google Drive with Titanium, you will definitely need to be using the Pro version which costs around $6.

Full changelog for other new enhancements:

  • [PRO] Supports Google Drive!
  • [PRO] Can use a Filter for Dropbox/Box/Google Drive sync. All features from the Filters screen are supported.
  • Can backup & restore system apps on stock ROMs, for backups made with TB 5.1.0+.
  • Fixed infamous “Android Market query failed” error when viewing Market info on an app.
  • Fixed frozen system apps getting defrosted when integrating their updates into ROM.
  • Fixed TB launch failure on some ROMs (for LG Optimus 2X & SGS2).
  • Misc improvements & bugfixes.

If you’d like to grab the new update, head directly to the Play Store or scan the QR code below.


chart Titanium Backup update adds support for Google Drive

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